In this proposal for a unique hotel room, each function is accommodated in an individual volume, tuned to its purpose through control of daylight and scale. Visitors will have a series of unique experiences throughout their stay, ranging from tranquil contemplation to intense engagement with the heart of London.

Seen from the grey streets of London, this series of golden roofs creates a new skyline on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Budget: £250,000
Client: Alain de Botton / Living Architecture, Artangel
Competition: December 2010

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The individual rooms are spread across a shallow rainwater pool on the roof, each designed to suit a specific view. When experienced by the visitor, these views add up to a panoramic view spanning between the historic Cities of London and Westminster that form the conurbation of London.

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The interior of each room is curated to evoke a series of previous Rooms for London; spaces inhabited by key chroniclers of London’s past. Visitors will be given privileged access to London artefacts and information such as the BFI’s film archive, and encouraged to add their memories and experiences to the collection.

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