A showroom for high quality interior design products has been inserted into the ground floor of a Victorian shop in the King’s Road. The existing shop was long and narrow in plan, with minimal street frontage and low levels of daylighting.

A traditional arcade typology was used to structure the internal circulation of the showroom. A linear route was created to run the length of the building, maximising views and daylight at all times. Along one side of this route, the wall is treated as a flexible series of display panels. Along the other side, a series of spaces arranged off the route create settings for the curation of furniture and design products.

Budget: £150,000
Client: Private
Completed: March 2011

Show text

TT Showroom 1

The new insertions are treated as a joinery element within the space,
incorporating the stair and a space for work and presentation.

TT Showroom 2

A new rooflight brings natural light into the centre of the plan,
lighting the office and presentation area.

TT Showroom 3

TT Showroom 4

The panellised wall system allows a changing display of wall finishes.

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