We were appointed by Harrow Council to refurbish the Grade II Listed Library in Kenton, in collaboration with Objectif.

The existing grade II Listed library is by W.T. Curtis and H. W. Burchett of Middlesex County Council, who built a series of schools and public buildings "owing much to the work of Willem Dudok in Hilversum, yet giving a distinctive architectural form of calibre and panache to the London suburbs."

The phased refurbishment has included environmental upgrades and internal improvements. The original parquet floors, previously hidden under carpets, were exposed, the original steel windows were refurbished, and new roof insulation was added to reduce operational carbon.

Developing strategies from our previous fit-out of the Library at Stanmore  in collaboration with Objectif, we added new lighting, bespoke joinery and signage.

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The Library at Kenton 1

The Library at Kenton 2

The Library at Kenton 3

The Library at Kenton 4

The Library at Kenton 5

The Library at Kenton 6

The Library at Kenton 7

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