Over Summer and Autumn 2018, we worked with We Love SE25 and Croydon Council to develop a Community Plan in discussion with the people of South Norwood. The project was awarded over £1m from the Mayor of London's Good Growth Fund in December 2018.

Read the Community Plan here.

South Norwood is a lively and vibrant neighbourhood with excellent transport links, a surrounding network of green spaces, and a young, diverse and dynamic population. However, South Norwood’s High Street and Portland Road have one of the highest property vacancy rates in Croydon, giving an inaccurate first impression of the lively and positive local community and economy.

The Community Plan shows how South Norwood could create high streets for the 21st century, helping local businesses to thrive and creating job opportunities. A collaborative project between residents, businesses, landlords, and community groups could re-activate the empty premises as retail spaces and workspaces for creative and social enterprises.

In collaboration with Objectif.

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